Landscape Photography Workshops 

Casentino and Foreste Casentinesi National Park, Tuscany


The Casentino Valley, a place rich in history and traditions, but above all in spectacular landscapes made of hills, mountains, forests, enchanting villages, monasteries, hermitages and medieval castles.
Foreste Casentinesi National Park ,one of the most spectacular places to experience nature among the most beautiful forests in Italy.

The Casentino is a natural valley in Tuscany corresponding to the upper basin of the Arno River and bordered to the north by the Mount Falterona group, to the west by the Pratomagno chain and to the east by the Serra Alps and Mount Penna.

Here we are re-educated to silence with the enchanting villages such as Poppi, Stia, Pratovecchio, Bibbiena, and natural wonders such as Mount Falterona, where the Arno River rises from its slopes and the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, a wooded area of white firs and beeches UNESCO World Heritage Site, maples and oaks among the most valuable in Europe. Here is also immersed the oasis of silence of the Hermitage and the Monastery of Camaldoli, which recently turned one thousand years old. Further east we find the Verna Sanctuary. The mountain, covered by forests of beech and fir trees, has an unmistakable shape with its peak cut into three parts. Here in ‘200 San Francesco received the stigmata.

It is enough to go up to the Castle of Porciano, residence of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri above Stia, to find a wonderful view, with the hills that chase each other among cypresses, olive trees and crenellated towers, and the view that flies from the Castle of Romena to the Castle of Poppi.

Poppi Castle is considered the symbol of the entire Casentino. It often appears to us in a different way, depending on the weather conditions and the passing of the seasons, but always suggestive.


The castle of Romena is a fortress located in the municipality of Pratovecchio on top of a hill at 621 meters above sea level in a dominant position over the whole valley.


Descending further down we find the Romanic Church of San Pietro, “…like an uncultured stone flower, the Church of Romena has been blossoming for almost 900 years in the green Tuscan countryside, in Casentino, on a hill that opens its gaze on the valley following the path of a still young Arno…” (Cit.)


The Foreste Casentinesi National Park,established in 1993, is located in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, along the border of the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, between the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Arezzo and Florence. The integral natural reserve of Sasso Fratino and the beech forests are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The ancient forests, among the largest and best preserved in Europe, are the custodians of an enormous floral heritage, numerous birds including the golden eagle and the wild animals of great importance including the wolf among the large predators and a massive presence of ungulates such as deer, roe deer and fallow deer.


Small groups from 2 to 6 people, photography enthusiasts and professionals can ask me to organize a personalized Workshop in the most beautiful places of the Casentino and Foreste Casentinesi National Park to spend days in the name of photography in which we will make more shooting sessions in the most beautiful places at the right time in any season of the year, to make the most of the light and maximize the photo shoot.

What you will get from this Workshop


In my Photography Workshops I will try to improve your technical skills in both image composition and natural light management through a training process that ranges from the use of CPL, GND and ND filters in the shooting phase to post production.


The course can last from one day to several days depending on your time availability; we will start early in the morning to take advantage of the first light and conclude in the evening with the sunset.


The workshop is structured in such a way as to give space for anyone, beginners, experienced amateurs, to improve their level of photography regardless of knowledge of departure with more shooting sessions per day and analysis of the shots taken in the evening after dinner.


The topics covered will be: composition, with the use of the rules of thirds and the golden section, exposure, hyperfocal, light management with the use of dedicated filters, Raw file management and post production tips aimed at Fine Art Printing.

What we will do

You will be followed by me, a professional photographer, in photographic sessions in the most beautiful places of Casentino and the National Park to spend days in the name of nature in which you can take pictures of medieval castles, Romanesque churches, monasteries, hermitages, waterfalls, streams in the millennial Casentino Forests.


All the places chosen for the photographic shooting can be reached by car or on foot along the short and easy marked paths of the Park.

Recommended equipment & clothing

DSRL or Mirrorless camera, lenses from 24 to 200 mm at least, polarizing filter, GND and ND filters if possible, tripod and notebook.


The photo sessions will take place in the morning, in the early afternoon and at sunset, so it is recommended to wear warm clothing against the cool wind and rain and hiking boots.

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